The PSW assists with mobility.The ASPSW program is designed for those students who have been working in the role of a Personal Support Worker (PSW) but have not been formally certified. The program is 1260 hours and designed to be delivered over a 52 week period of time.

The program is comprised of 7 modules. Virtual Lab sessions are embedded throughout the program to sync with relevant theory. The virtual labs are not mandatory but they are strongly suggested. 

Each module has assigned courses. Students are required to complete the critical thinking exercise and the exam associated with that course and achieve a 70% passing grade. Students will have 3 attempts to pass the course exams. After 2 unsuccessful attempts students will not be able to write the third attempt until ACAHS has reached out to them to provide additional support.

Upon successful completion of the theory students will qualify to write their PSW Certification Exam with a Virtual Proctor.

The exam date will be determined by the student and ACAHS staff. Students must obtain a score of at least 70% in order to receive their PSW certificate. Those receiving and overall grade point average of 90% or more in the program will graduate with honours.

Program fees must be paid in full prior to being able to write the final exam.

Text book: Sorrentino's "Canadian Textbook for the Support Worker", 5th Edition.

Virtual Labs :  "Canadian Clinical Skills: Skills for Personal Support Workers - eCommerce Version" , 1st Edition